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Welcome to Fast Ai Bots, where innovation meets customer satisfaction. Introducing our cutting-edge AI Website Bots – the solution to elevate your online presence and supercharge your website’s performance.


AI chatbots offer a wide range of benefits, both for businesses and users

Cost Efficient

For as little as $19 per month, you can equip your website with an advanced chatbot that effectively extracts valuable data from your website’s content.

Hands Free Setup

You don’t need any technical expertise. For a one-time fee of between $199 & $249*, our highly skilled technical team will handle the entire installation, configuration, and customization of your chatbot to align seamlessly with your website’s content.

* per website/ based on number of website pages & amount of  content.

Customized AI Avatar

Share your AI Avatar description with us, and we’ll craft a distinctive character that embodies those qualities.


$19 / month*
2000 Messages Pr/Mo
12,000,000 characters/bot
Widget customization
Chat history & insights
Collect & export leads
Powered by GPT-3.5
* 1 Time Setup & Configuration @ $199-$249

(917) 217-7373 (Ext 192)


$39 month*
5000 Messages P/M
12,000,000 characters/bot
Widget customisation
Chat history & insights
Collect & export leads
Powered by GPT-3.5, GPT 4
* 1 Time Setup & Configuration @ $199-$249

(917) 217-7373 (Ext 192)

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What We Offer

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Step 1: Subscribe to the Essential or Advanced plan
$19/month, 2000 Messages Pr/Mo, 12,000,000 characters/account
$39/month, 5000 Messages Pr/Mo, 12,000,000 characters/account

DFY: Data Import
We Effortlessly import your website content, DOCX, TXT, PDF files, or even YouTube videos into your chatbot securely.

DFY: Customization
We personalize your chatbot by selecting a welcome message, chat icon, and color scheme to align perfectly with your brand and requirements.

DFY: Deployment
We seamlessly embed the chat bot into your website. Within 24 hours your AI customized chat bot will be ready to answer question your clients might have.


Welcome to the future of accessible, 24/7/365 assistance for your business.

Key Features

Chat History

Take a look at each and every conversation that’s taken place within any of your chatbots.

Privacy & Security

We use military grade encryption on all uploaded data for your security and peace of mind.

Bot Personas

Custom created personalized chatbot avatar, along with individualized bot prompts.


Why Choose Our AI Website Bots?

24/7 Customer Support:

  • Provide instant assistance to your users around the clock.
    Address inquiries and resolve issues promptly.
    Lead Generation Made Easy:
  • Qualify leads effortlessly with intelligent, interactive conversations.
    Gather valuable customer information for targeted marketing.
    Enhanced User Engagement:
  • Create interactive experiences that captivate and retain your audience.
    Personalize user interactions for a tailored browsing journey.
    Efficient E-commerce Assistance:
  • Boost sales with personalized product recommendations.
    Provide real-time updates on order status and shipping information.
    Information Retrieval at Your Fingertips:
  • Fetch specific details from your website instantly.
    Guide users through your content with ease.
    What Sets Us Apart?
    State-of-the-Art Technology:
    Our AI bots are powered by the latest advancements in natural language processing and machine learning, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
  • Customizable Solutions:
    Tailor the bot to fit your brand and specific business needs. From language and tone to functionality, make it truly yours.
  • Seamless Integration:
    Easily integrate our AI Website Bots with your existing website and systems. No hassle, just enhanced performance.
  • Get Started Today!
    Revolutionize the way you connect with your audience. Embrace the future of online interaction with “Fast AI Bots’s” for your Website Today!

Explore the Versatility of Our Chatbots

At FastBots.ai, we offer a wide array of applications to cater to businesses at every stage, from startups to enterprise giants.

Use Case 1: Customer Service

Picture having your very own expert AI customer support agent, tirelessly assisting visitors to your website around the clock, all year long. Our chatbot is well-versed in your business and engages with your customers in a friendly, conversational manner, swiftly addressing their queries. It effortlessly manages multiple conversations simultaneously and performs the work of several team members, all while maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Use Case 2: Sales Assistant

With FastAIBots.com, we can transform your chatbot into a highly skilled salesperson. It not only provides solutions to customer inquiries but also actively participates in the sales process. The chatbot adapts to customer needs, asking pertinent questions to engage with them and facilitate the sales journey. Imagine the potential for growth when a proficient sales assistant handles your chats 24/7, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Use Case 3: Personal Assistant

Once we’ve uploaded your data, whether from your website, PDFs, files, or text, your chatbot becomes your go-to personal assistant. It’s ready to promptly provide the answers you seek. Additionally, it can assist in content creation, helping you with tasks such as letter writing, email drafting, social media posts, and even blog content. Think of it as your very own specialized Chat GPT, tailored to your business and unique requirements.

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